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Government Reopens- What's Next?

Roy Blunt- Missouri Senator

The Annie Frey Show
January 28, 2019 - 12:52 pm

Now that the Government has been reopened, what can we expect to happen in the next three weeks?

Senator Roy Blunt says once you secure the border, the other questions that follow are dealt with more easily.

Will the government meet its fundamental duty to secure this border?

The Senator said he is trying to work with the Democrats to get something done and so is the president.

“We’ll see how we work through this,” Blunt said.

Is there a willingness for negotiation? The Senator said the shutdown was not good politics and we have to figure out what makes this system work in order for a shutdown not to occur again.

The Senator has been outspoken about his disagreement with a National Emergency.

Listen to the discussion below: