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Governor Mike Parson Talks To Annie Frey

Governor Mike Parson

The Annie Frey Show
July 19, 2018 - 1:27 pm

AF: We're going to welcome a very special guest to the show here, Governor Mike Parson, Missouri, Governor. Thank you so much for getting us sometime today. You got a busy schedule. We appreciate you fitting us in

Governor Parson: Glad to do it, Annie, more interested in going to Disney World after hearing that.

AF: It is a place to Fantasy. That is for sure. Thank you for coming on today and giving us the opportunity to talk to a little bit about your first few weeks in office as Governor of the state of Missouri. What is your assessment so far of your time in the Governor office, how it's going here in the state of Missouri after quite a tumultuous few months beforehand?

Governor Parson: You know what has been very fast pace/ But I think it is so important to the to emphasize how many people step forward across the state of past Governors of both ranks. A lot of people have reached out to try to help in any way they could help. To make sure that transition was successful and you know, I was humbled by that. I-I just didn't, wasn't expecting that and the other thing get some good people around me good staff good quality people is working for me, and it was a good cabinet in place. So, it's really just a matter for me trying to make sure everybody knew that everything's going to be okay here. Missouri is going to move forward, and we are and I think and I think that's why we're looking at right now. We're not looking in the past at all. We just want to move forward with the state of Missouri right now.

AF: Yeah, as they say the show must go on and we definitely need to continue to do the business of the people of Missouri. A question for you, you're from Wheatland, Missouri and as I look, do a quick little search here population 358, in 2016. What's it like to be from a small town, Wheatland, Missouri and, and now be the Governor of this great state.

Governor Parson: Well, I would just say this, I would say most of my teachers in school we're not picking me to be the Governor of the state of Missouri when I graduate, I'll just say that. You know what? I'm humbled to be the Governor of Missouri, to come from where I came fromIt's from where I came from and have such a humble beginning that I did with me and my family. To be able to serve the country in the military and do the things I've been able to do my career.I'm just honored everyday to be here and I love this state, I love the people of this state, and you know, I want to do well. I want to do well for the people of this state. I really do. That's my number one goal

AF: We're speaking with Governor Mike Parson and you had the opportunity to meet Vice President Mike Pence when he landed today in St. Louis. What was that meeting like, what did you guys talk about?

Governor Parson: You know for anytime you get to meet the Vice President or the President United States of America, I don't care where they're at or where you're at, it's always an honor to do that. those are elite  group of people and not to be able to get a few minutes to talk to him and he's very friendly, I mean we had a chance to talk about some issues.you know my wife got to attend today, so he was just very genuine guy you know with that with a huge responsibility, but he was well aware what was going on in Missouri some things that, issues that are going on. You know, and the tax cuts that were happening and the future of our state so, it was a it was a pleasure.

Af: You mentioned the tax cuts. There's a lot of news out today regarding the jobless rate and and what this Presidential Administration has done for the country. But Missouri is a very interesting little petri dish for the whole country to look at with a very red state that has a blue Senator. We have a we have a new Republican Governor now and you Mike Parson. What is the future of Missouri look like under a Parson Governorship? What is your main focus for the people of Missouri?

Governor Parson: Yeah, there's two things that they were going to really be at the forefront of the administration, and that's going to be infrastructure and workforce development. Missouri has a great opportunity, bring the heart of the United States of America to really expand to do a lot of great things, but we have to sometimes take a look it out a box, but we got to be pretty aggressive on infrastructure to our highways, bridges by airport our rails, our ports. And then we gotta make sure we giving people the tools they need to get into the workforce. And we kind of fell behind on that. So that's going to be really main issue for me to take, to do whatever it takes to do to make sure people get an opportunity to be in the workforce and to get quality jobs, and I think there's an opportunity for us, a huge opportunity for us. When you look at National statistics like 2.2 million people are going off the food stamp rolls. That's a good time. Cuz that means we're going back to work and then start become more involved in the workforce. Unemployment rates are going down even in our state.We got to give the people the tools they need to do the everyday jobs out here whether it be a electrician, whether it be a welder, whatever that might be, whether it be in technology. Give him the tools they need to be successful. So that's going to be a big issue for me, those few things

AF: When you refer to you know, workplace jobs initiatives right to work is certainly one of those key focuses that are coming up here for the, the Missouri voters can have an opportunity to weigh in on what's your stance on the right-to-work referendum that that faces the Missouri voter very soon.

Governor Parson: I've supported right to work always have supported right to work because it's another one of those things like that, I think there's an opportunity there to make change and you know, I, for years we've all heard the arguments on both sides, but the reality of it is if we change and we going to ride to work and it helps the economy this state that's that's the plus to it. And I believe there's other states that have done that and that's been proven. So,  we're going see how that comes out. You know, it's gonna be up to the people of the state to decide that.

AF: Yeah, that's always the best way to do it if you asked me. So, we we've talked about the way you found out about the change in, in command here in the state of Missouri. And Tony Colombo our news guy reported that you happen to be out in a cattle field when you found out. Is that accurate?

Governor Parson: Uh, that's pretty accurate. I was at the farm we were loading cattle, actually that day when I got the phone call from the colonel so and it was a normal day for us. My wife was in Springfield actually getting ready to go shopping so, I always tell everybody, you know of everything that happened that day, that might have saved me a little bit of money, because I called her before she went shopping. I had to bring her back home, so, but that's how it happened, that's where I received the call and then from there we were off to Jeff City and take on the responsibility of the G overnor of the state which are which you know, I don't take that lightly. It's a huge responsibility and I want to represent Missouri well as the Governor.

AF: Absolutely. Well as Governor Mike Parson thank you so much for squeezing us into your schedule and we look forward to watching what your office is able to do for the people of Missouri in the, in the, in the time to come.