Gracie Awards recap, Democratic debate recap, New York will run you over if you don't keep up

The Annie Frey Show LIVE in New York /w Brian Kilmeade

The Annie Frey Show
June 27, 2019 - 1:20 pm

"Katie and I went to receive the Gracie Award that we won four large market non-morning show house on Tuesdays, but we got to go to the Cipriani beautiful like stunningly beautiful building. We walked and it was really legi very classy. Many other women receiving awards that were recognized for their job media and I’m just so very grateful to be included in that. It was amazing!!!"

"Many people who are much more familiar with the area so they’re not rude. They’re just in a hurry, and there’s this Midwestern thing we like to be super polite you bump into someone you stop and make sure that everything is OK. Honestly can’t believe how kind people have been in the context of the busyness of the city."