Harrington: Mexico has a lot more to lose than we do

Liz Harrington: RNC Spokesperson

The Annie Frey Show
June 03, 2019 - 1:09 pm

Pres Donald Trump has purposed a 5% tariff on Mexican goods being imported into the United States until they clean up and abide by their own immigration laws.

RNC Spokesperson Liz Harrington says the president wants results and that is why the tariff on Mexican goods is necessary. “The president is going to use whatever tool in his arsenal to fix this problem,” she said.

We have no way to vet most of the illegal immigrants and the system is completely overloaded with cases each month.

The Mexico government has reacted and sent an envoy to Washington D.C. to hash out the differences.

What will come from this meeting? “I think he wants an immediate reaction and that is why you have seen the pressure build,” she said. 

Listen to Tucker Carlson's break down below: