Historic IL tax hikes will begin because of the unbalanced budget

Adam Schuster: Illinois Policy Institute

The Annie Frey Show
June 12, 2019 - 2:39 pm

Historic tax hikes in Illinois will be enforced after budget and capital plan is initiated.

21 new tax hikes and fees will be put on the taxpayers in Illinois because of the $85 billion plan.

This has become the perfect concoction for money towards special projects.

Budget and tax director at Illinois Policy Adam Schuster explained the impact this would have on the middle class.

From the Illinois Policy Institute:

The winners? Special interest groups.
• Lawmakers get a $1,600 pay raise. That doesn't include $10,000 committee chair stipends or other special perks.
• Lawmakers get an extra $19,000 per year of in-district allowance to spend on anything – renting offices, buying food, etc. – bringing their total allowance to $88,000 per year.
• Lawmakers, trade unions and business interests reap benefits of pet projects to bring back to their districts and selective tax credits that ignore the overall cost of business to the average Illinoisan.

The losers? Average Illinoisans.
• Drivers
• Smokers
• Anyone who works in Illinois
• Online shoppers

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