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“If there is no money in the funds, there is no money to be made”- Schuster

Adam Schuster- Illinois Policy

The Annie Frey Show
December 12, 2018 - 2:38 pm

Believe it or not, there are millionaires in the state of Illinois that don’t reside in the city of Chicago.

Illinois Policy reports that ‘Seventy-three retirees from Belleville-area school districts have collected more than $1 million since retiring, seven of whom have accumulated more than $2 million.’

Illinois Policy’s Adam Schuster says there is no economic way that it is possible to pay for pensions in the state.

It’s not the teachers who work in the districts paying into the pot for pensions; it’s you, the taxpayer.

"Taxpayers have double-funded teachers' retirement," says Schuster.

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