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Josh Hawley Knows The Supreme Court

Josh Hawley, Missouri Attorney General / Primary Senate Candidate

The Annie Frey Show
July 06, 2018 - 5:32 pm

AF: This election coming up here in November is going to be a key one specifically here in the state of Missouri. That's why we're bringing on Senate candidate Josh Hawley, also Missouri's attorney general. Josh, thanks for coming on today, we

appreciate it.

JH: You bet. Thanks for having me.

AF: So the Supreme Court nomination. The left is in full-on meltdown. The conservatives are, the Republicans in the Senate aren't in lockstep. Some people have some concerns about the Roe v Wade implications there with with some of those female senators on the Republican side, but Claire mccaskill, what she going to do? How is she going to reflect the the very red state of Missouri with her blue senate seat when it comes time to vote for president Trump's nominee?

JH:  Well, I mean she's already telling reporters that she thinks think it'll be very hard to get to a yes. There's a story out to ay or she had a told reporter done laying the groundwork that she's clearly already made up her mind, and of course that just means that her money has made up her mind for her because that's always the key to Claire mccaskill is the liberal money which she values above all. So she has sold out Missouri time and again, she has been wrong every single time on the Supreme Court five times, Annie, she was against Justice Alito, she was against Justice Gorsuch, she was for every one of Barack Obama's liberal nominees and she voted for every single left-wing judge that Barack Obama put on all of the federal courts. So, she's got a perfect track record of wrong and she doesn't represent our values and the truth, is this this Supreme Court issue this is the defining issue of the election it's one of the defining issues of our time. The whole future of the country is at stake here. And that's why we need somebody who reflects  our values voting on these judges and the justices of the Supreme Court and it sure as heck ain't Claire mccaskill.

AF: You've had some experience in front of the Supreme Court, and if you were to win the votes of the Missouri voters, of the people here in the state of Missouri and  have the opportunity to vote on potentially a third Supreme Court Justice nominee in the event that a Ruth Bader Ginsburg retires or some other circumstance arises, what do you look for when you get to lend your vote to such an important decision?

JH: Make a list of the Constitution. You know, I'm a constitutional lawyer began my career working at the Supreme Court. I've litigated there many times. I've representing the state of Missouri there right now as attorney general case at the Supreme Court this fall. So this is this is terrain that I'm very familiar with and know how important it is. And my number one criteria is you have to be faithful the justice has got to be faithful to the Constitution the way the people wrote it, you know at the end of the day, Annie, for all of the details and end of the nuances it really is very simple choice either you believe in the Constitution the way the American people voted or you believe in enforcing your own values and preferences or the bureaucrats values and preferences instead of the people. And I think that choice is very clear judges should be faithful to the Constitution that people wrote. And the other thing I would say is a Judge has gotta have some backbone, a Judge got to be able to stand up to political pressure and to the pressure of the left-wing media and the entire media entertainment industrial complex the people who fun Claire mccaskill, you've got to be able to stand up to that. So, those are my top two criteria for choosing a Justice and I'm confident that President Trump is going to nominate a great Justice. I just hope you know Chuck Schumer and Claire mccaskill, they're already making all kinds of noise about stalling with nomination about dragging it out and it just shows you we have only 50 reliable votes in the United States...well, 50 Republican votes, that's not counting John McCain who's ill. Some of those Republicans are far from reliable as you just pointed out. So, you know the Senate is is so so critical. And this is why we have got to send Claire mccaskill home and get somebody who actually represents us and our values.

AF: Yes, certainly. Representing the people of Missouri is is so important we were talking about this a little bit yesterday that the Senate Republican that you might get from say a Maryland in the one that you might get from a Utah or wherever it might be in the state isn't necessarily going to be the same as the Senate Republican that you're going to get in Missouri. Your responsibility in the Senate is to represent those Missouri voters Claire mccaskill doesn't seem to be in lockstep with those voters that overwhelmingly sent President Trump into the Oval Office. So what what sets you apart cuz you got to win a primary before you can beat Claire mccaskill what sets you apart from the other candidates currently running for the Republican nomination for Senate?

JH: Well, first I'd say sure proud to have the President's endorsement. President Trump endorsed me last fall. He helped convince me to to run against Claire mccaskill in this race. And so I'm I'm proud to have to that. I know you think about this issue at the United States Supreme Court. Can somebody who has been there somebody who is litigated there somebody who has worked there, and as Attorney General I have gone to court to fight for the Constitution and for the Liberties of the people of Missouri, and I'm not afraid to take on the big in the powerful. I wasn't that is the big tech companies or what about the big opioid companies or whether it's a big government. We have taken them on without fear or favor to anybody. And I've not been afraid to do that and I won't be afraid to do that as a United States Senator because you're exactly right.We need somebody and the people of the state deserve someone who will stand up and represent them no matter the cost. The problem with Claire mccaskill is she's wherever the left-wing of her party wants her to be now. They want to open our borders and abolish ICE Claire mccaskill has endorsed an open borders Bill and is campaigning for it. Now they want to sit down the Supreme Court nomination process, Earlier they're big priority is getting illegal immigrant teenagers access to abortions with Federal help. These are the things they are focused on this is thier agenda. Claire McCakill is for it 100% of the time and she gobbles up the money. This time we had somebody who isn't a sell out to the liberal money who is going to sell out the liberal media but who will actually stand up and represent the people of the state.

AF: Yeah, I completely agree. From somebody who lives in Illinois, I care so deeply about this seat because there's implications across the country. This one seat is a very valuable seat and certainly people are paying a lot of attention to and I love  how you talk about how you're not afraid to take that on because that's it's a pretty nasty machine that liberal that the liberal action that takes place right now, especially with the flailing that we're seeing on the Democratic side if you're in and if you're not afraid to take on them, are you are you brave enough to have a primary debate. That's the question I keep getting the most and how do you feel about having that conversation with your primary Republican candidates before the August 7th vote

JH: Well I'll tell you who I would like to debate is Claire mccaskill and I challenged her, Annie, to a debate on the United States Supreme Court the defining issue of this election. I said I'll debate you anytime, anywhere. I think the people of Missouri deserve to hear why she has voted every time for liberal activist judges, but she will not vote for judges who reflect our values and who believe in our Constitution and I would be delighted to explain my own Judicial philosophy to explain my work as a constitutional lawyer and if the Supreme Court and other courts all across our country. And I think that the debate people deserve for that matter I said I'll debate her on any issue, anytime, anywhere. So far, she just won't do it. So, look people of Missouri deserve to have deserve to know what it is Claire mccaskill believes and why it is she has so consistently sold out the state for a liberal agenda and liberal money I'm looking forward to hearing those answers. I will get them from her

AF: Yep. I think people would love to hear that as well. I do know that they would love to hear you debate those primary candidates as well. But both would be interesting certainly in 97.1 would love to be involved with either one of them you've got the endorsement of the President. He has supported you on Twitter. I think a few times if I'm not mistaken and it looks like the Republican party is going to be able to support you. How do you feel your chances are with with the President's support with a financial support, how do you feel your chances are at actually being able to defeat Claire mccaskill if you were to win that primary?

JH: I believe we're going to be there because looking to cheat the least popular senator in America running on a ballot in 2018 and that's for a reason she hasn't eaned that terrible approval rating because she has sold out Missouri for the liberal left-wing of her party in for the liberal money, special interest money that funds if that's what her whole campaign is built on for open borders as she is, when you support people who want to abolish ICE our immigration enforcement, when your priority is getting illegal immigrant teenagers abortion with federal health. You do not reflect the mainstream of anything, certainly, not the mainstream of Missouri. And when you turned your back on farmers as she has, on farmers, think about health care costs, Annie, which are totally out of control, that Claire McCaskill is repsonsible for, I mean her record is atrocious and that's why she has such a low approval rating. That's why we're going to be there. People just want somebody who will tell the truth and who represents their values in Belize on our way of life. And at the end of the day Claire mccaskill is ashamed of our way of life. She doesn't believe in it. She won't support it. That above all that's why we're going to beat her come November.

AF: Well, we are looking forward to the primary and August 7th people certainly going to need to get out and vote in that primary and make sure that you send your favorites candidate to try to defeat Claire mccaskill because ultimately that is the most important thing to helping P resident Trump and this conservative agenda to keep moving it forward JoshHalwey.com on twitter @HawleyMO. Thank you so much for giving us some time on a Friday, we really do appreciate it.

JH: Thank you, Annie, thanks so much.