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Kavanaugh Hearings Are Galvanizing Voters

Chris Stirewalt- Politics Editor Fox News Channel

The Annie Frey Show
September 26, 2018 - 12:27 pm

Between the Senate hearing happening tomorrow, other women coming out against Kavanaugh, and the Missouri Senate race, there’s nothing to talk to Chris Stirewalt about, right? HA!

Chris Stirewalt gives his assessment of Claire McCaskill’s strategy to keep the Missouri Senate seat.

“What Claire McCaskill has to hope is that through the Kavanaugh process, these women in Missouri get creeped out and McCaskill can get these women to buy into the narrative that Republicans are gropers and grabbers,” Stirewalt explained.

He says he can’t quite understand why Kavanaugh responded to these allegations with ‘moral purity’ rather than the truth that people get drunk and have fun, but he didn’t do anything to any woman that would make them uncomfortable.

“I think since he used to the moral purity route, it discredited his story a little bit,” Stirewalt said.

Listen to the discussion below:

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