Launch of ‘Black Voices for Trump’ today in Georgia

Blair Ellis: RNC Spokesperson

The Annie Frey Show
November 08, 2019 - 1:09 pm

President Trump is launching ‘Black voices for Trump’ today in Atlanta, Georgia.

Blair Ellis from the RNC discussed why Trump wanted to launch this coalition and how it will affect his reelection.

WATCH: President Trump speaks at 'Black Voices for Trump' coalition event

This launch looks like something, regardless of party, that would be incredibly beneficial to rally around voting.

“We are trying to connect and engage with members in these communities,” she said.

Trump is a polarizing figure in our country, and there are very few people left who are in the middle that may vote for him.

How does he build relationships with the folks in the middle? “We’ve had people on the ground in communities since before the 2016 election,” she said.