Longest bull-run in nation's history thanks to Trump policy

Tim Jones: 97.1 Host

The Annie Frey Show
August 23, 2019 - 2:53 pm

97.1 Sunday evening host Tim Jones says, "we're in a really-good economy right now."

Jones related a story about attending a conference with Heritage economist Stephen Moore.  Jones says, through a series of charts, Moore explained that, "Obama's economy was not good, Trump's is."

The former Missouri House Speaker says he completely agrees with CNN Host Anderson Cooper who complained that Republicans aren't concerned enough about deficits.

"Every time a Republican or conservative dares talk about cutting spending; where are you going to cut spending?" asks Jones.   "Over two-thirds of the budgets of the federal government and every single state government are in two giant buckets.  They're in K-12 and higher edcuation and social welfare spending; medicaid, medicare."