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"McCaskill is Once Again Ignoring Missouri"- McIntosh

David McIntosh- President Club for Growth

The Annie Frey Show
September 21, 2018 - 1:08 pm

Claire McCaskill is in this for Claire McCaskill

President of Club for Growth and former Congressman David McIntosh says Claire McCaskill is not in this race for the people of Missouri, she’s in it for her own selfish gain.

McCaskill came out with a statement saying she will not be voting for Kavanaugh because of his history with ‘dark money’.

“It’s all self-interest. Her definition of ‘dark money’ is anything that is against me, I’m not for it,” McIntosh explained.

The former Congressman said McCaskill is careful not to praise the radical left too much because she realizes she is walking on eggshells with the people of Missouri.

“She will be a vote for Bernie Sanders’ universal healthcare and a vote to block ICE,” he said on what her actual agenda will be if she remains the Senator of Missouri after this Senate race.

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