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Nancy Pelosi gets the gavel

Oh Boy... Here we go

The Annie Frey Show
January 03, 2019 - 1:56 pm

As predicted, Nancy Pelosi won the Speakership of the House. 

Although the Democrats and their ilk will say this is a huge victory of power against the evil Donald Trump, is it actually?

Annie wrote a small piece on this subject before the show.

*Keep in mind this was written via voice-text while getting coffee, helping the kids out, and making breakfast, so there may be grammatical errors.*

"Before you go thinking this is me trying to explain how Donald Trump is playing 10-dimensional chess, hear me out. I don't think this is the intended consequence of a government shutdown. But I do think it might prove to be a gigantic asset for the president. In that keeping to the Democrats who will soon take control of the House, Donald Trump has actually positioned himself perfectly in a place of authority at most or equal power at least when it comes to the government new power structure. Think about it this way. All we've heard since the midterm elections ended was how there was a blue tsunami that you saw in the house. Now that is not untrue. but the Republicans gained seats in the Senate and that was not supposed to happen historically speaking. Donald Trump is going to be able to continue to do massive conservative progress buy still retaining and expanding a Republican majority in the Senate. So let's go back to the blue tsunami in the House. That was real, and honestly, I don't think we talked about it or give it as much credit as we should. Butt. going into a government shutdown negotiation, all we've been hearing about is how there's a new sheriff in town in the house. And while that's true, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat control in the house can do absolutely nothing but obstruct and resist. They cannot pass and sign into law new policy. They cannot fundamentally transform the United States of America like they hope. they're powerless when it comes to changing policy in the United States of America. At least without two other things, the Senate and the president's signature. So going back to my original point, this shut down? Is it is not anything else, this will be a gigantic reminder to Nancy Pelosi that while she can obstruct, resist, and delay, that's all she has. The Senate is still controlled by Republicans. The presidency is still Donald Trump's. And that's just a fact."

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