Napolitano: College admission scandal is just the tip of the iceberg

Andrew Napolitano: Fox News

The Annie Frey Show
March 18, 2019 - 1:50 pm

Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Napolitano suggests that this is only the beginning of information that will be presented in the college admission scandal.

Most of the kids involved have graduated and then moved on to grad. school and received a degree for that.

The Judge encourages us to keep our ear to the ground for how this scandal unfolds.

As for the Mueller Report, Judge Nap says the president being impeached is nearly impossible.

“Impeachment is a non-starter unless it is bipartisan,” Napolitano echoed.

A theory the Judge told us is let the voters decide. If there is dirty laundry regarding the president in the Mueller Report, release the report to the public and let them decide what to do.

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