Onder: Proposed union law a "Massive federal overreach"

Bob Onder: Missouri State Senator

The Annie Frey Show
June 26, 2019 - 1:41 pm

State Senator Bob Onder testified Wednesday morning against a new bill which would allow all federal employees the opportunity to negotiate together for wages and working conditions.

The "Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act,"   guarantees public-sector employees across the country the legal right to organize and collectively bargain. The legislation also requires public employers to recognize their employees’ union and to commit to any agreements in a written contract. Additionally, it gives the federal government the authority to intervene on behalf of public-service workers should states fail to meet these standards.

Public unions, Onder says, "are fundamentally different than private sector unions."

"It would be a huge violation of our freedoms and principles of federalism for the federal governmnet to take over this whole area of the law," says Onder.

"I think federalizing this and tipping everything toward the government unions is not the right policy for Missouri or for the country."


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