Our Border Policies are So Lax

Rachel Bovard- Conservative Partnership Institute

The Annie Frey Show
December 19, 2018 - 12:58 pm

Trump has been asking for this border wall for two years and there has been no progress on funding or building.

Policy Director at Conservative Partnership Institute Rachel Bovard says the president has every right to be irritated with Congress. “It’s understandable that he is incredibly frustrated,” Bovard said.

Would this border be beneficial for immigrants who are putting themselves in harm's way to come to the U.S?

"First and foremost you have to secure the border," says Bovard. “You have to secure our border, not only for Americans but for the people trying to get here,” Bovard explained on the migrants crossing through deserts and dangerous territories to get here.

Bovard does think the president will start pressing for solutions from Democrats in Congress in 2019 or they will have to simply ‘own that they have become an open border party’.  

"There is no compromise with a party that wants open borders," says Bovard about working with the opposition. 

Listen to the interview below: