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Potential Supreme Court Justice Picks

Jared Halpern, Fox News Radio

The Annie Frey Show
July 05, 2018 - 1:56 pm

AF: Jared Halpern joining us now from Fox News Radio. Thanks for calling in to the show, appreciate it. 

JH: Sure thing.

AF: So what do we know now? We've had a good list narrow down a bit, where are we on this nomination?

JH: I mean it sounds like a list of is between anywhere from from 3 to 6 and a decision could be made soon, the President is off to a campaign rally now then, off to his home in New Jersey. We'll see if there's any more conversations to be had. The White House has said that he has had  interviews with these 6 federal judges. And certainly people now you should have did like these whisper campaigns right, in DC with everybody sort of lobbying for, for who they think the other pic ought to be. So, it sounds like it's narrow anywhere between three and six here with you know names that they are familiar because again, the President went through this list of 25 in the exact same to the process that led to Justice Gorsuch last year. So, the playbook very similar in trying to get a nominee out quickly, start the process quickly and in the case here of this nominee get them confirmed it on the bench by the first Monday in October when the Supreme Court begins hearing oral arguments again.

AF: So, the President has met with some of the members of the Senate specially some Democrats that seem persuadable, Republicans that could be persuadable maybe away from approving this nominee. Do we know if this is it has any influence on who he actually chooses to nominate?

JH: Well, no, I do think it does. I mean, obviously the president wants to get somebody confirm and so it does sound like he has reached out to senators to gauge, you know, they're thinking on this or at least, you know, bounce some some names off of them. Doesn't mean that he's going to take that advice, but it's good to know I think going into a major nomination like this what work needs to be done and so the work on the Democrats who started with the three of us and it Democrats who voted to confirm Neil Gorsuch and talking to them about  the type of Justices if they want obviously talking again with Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins on the Republican side, who, you know, during the Gorsuch nomination and in this process here have talked about the importance of not putting in a Judge who they feel is at least the hostiel to Roe v Wade and in that precedent and so I think you always want to know where you stand as a starting point before you start any high-level nomination process.

AF: Regarding the short list, you said that is somewhere between three and six.

JH: Depending on what report you're reading at this moment.

AF: How about this one right here right now withJared Halpern & Fox News Radio 

JH: Certainly what fox is reporting his is that list of 25 was whittled down to 6, 6 appeals court judges, some have been on the appeals court longer than others. One of them Thomas Hardiman was the runner-up in the search that led to But that led to Gorsuch. But you have others on this list that are newer to the federal bench, including Amy Coney Barrett who would who, who has gone through a recent confirmation process  And then maybe that's some of the thinking too if you try and look at the strategy, there are some people on this list who have only been Federal appeals court judges for several months or or a little bit more than a year. That means that they have been vetted by the same Senators who would be involved in in doing it this time around that can make the confirmation process at least a little bit quicker when you talk about paperwork and instead of the things that have to happen before the confirmation hearings begin. You also have a sense at least for the same job, but a different person, what, what the vote was for was for those nominees because they've gone through this process with the Senate mostly the same.

AF: Certainly. So, the nomination should come out Monday. That's what we're hearing.

JH: I think we're expecting Monday and probably in prime time as we saw with the Gorsuch playbook, as well. And then yeah, we'll see if there's a lot of Cloak and Dagger along the way trying to get people up and I'm sure they will be flights that are that are cracked who's coming to Washington.

AF: What a fun job

JH: Anybody driving down I-95 that we need to know about. You know, the things that happen before Supreme Court nominees are named.

AF: Alright, Jared Halpern,we will continue to pay attention to Fox News Radio, Fox News as well for all of those updates and see if we get from 6-3 down to 4-2. We'll see how it goes.Thank you so much,Jared. Appreciate it.