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President Trump In Brussels

Jeff Monosso, Fox News Radio

The Annie Frey Show
July 12, 2018 - 1:34 pm

TJ: Joining us now from. a national correspondent and anchor with Fox News Radio is none other than Jeff Monosso he's @Jeffmonosso. Jeff, welcome to the Annie Frey Show, Tim Jones sitting in this week. Thanks for joining us today. Oh, there he is. Jeff, we potted you up now. We got you. Okay.

JM: How does that sound now. Mic check test 1, 2

TJ: You're perfect. You're perfect. Well done, you're a radio pro. Hey, Jeff, good afternoon and thanks for joining us talk a little bit about what's going on at the NATO Summit

JM:Yeah, well there's all this talk about, you know, besides that there, that they the controversial breakfast in whicht the President talked to the NATO Secretary in general about his need to really get all the, the members, the partner Nations on board with paying more of this talk that talk about this tweet that Presiden Trump was talking about American farmers and you know, barriers, trade barriers and tariffs and you know, what does it mean. President Trump promised on Twitter Wednesday to bolster sales of American farmers products  tweeting at soybeans fell 50% from 2012 to his election saying that farmers have done poorly for 15 years and even beyond other countries trade barriers and tariffs largely to blame, according to the President, for that and the destruction of American businesses includingfFarmers. He tweeted that he's going to open things up better than ever before saying that's essentially that it gonna take sometime to get the job done in the President's fight for the level playing field for farmers. A fight that he tweeted that he is going to win. So is this is where we at,  we're kind of at a trade stalemate with with these nations, you know, you know about the tariffs of 34 billion that was implemented on Chinese Goods last Friday, then the retaliation and now the White House adding two hundred billion dollars more in Chinese products that he intends to hit with tariffs. Talk with the EU, talk with Canada, and Mexico, so there's a bit of uncertainty and so the President, like he always does is, is doubling down he says out of fairness. But it's it's really nothing new, Tim. I mean you remember G7 Summit in Canada wherd the President proposed to fellow G7 countries, Look why are we even paying tariffs? Let's let's limit all trade barriers. Let's blow it out, get it out of way and so it is an even playing field. And so I think that is where the President is starting this conversation with these folks.

TJ: Yeah, Jeff, that's uh, it's going to be a it's, it's a huge issue for the entire country. But especially you know, I'm speaking you from St. Louis, Missouri and we've got up we've got a big Senate race this year with Claire McCaskill the incumbent, and it seems like that's what those who are opposed to Donald Trump and his policies that was the latest tactic, they, they hooked onto especially here in the Heartland was, oh now it's going to he's going to destroy family farmers and okay, so it seems like the President's very good at pivoting and  sort of, he alway seems to take those issues away. Every time his opponents come up with one he goes, well, let's do this then and the market has recovered nicely today because of that as well, it seems.

JM: Well, I know that you know, the White House is his status is recently yesterday that these tariffs they haven't really negatively impacted us yet for multiple different reasons including the fact that it takes time to catch up and there's already goods that have been sold those need to be consumed and, and then the next round, you know, we'll, we'll kind of absorb, whatever tariffs, you know are our companies are paying. But look, if you talk about steel or aluminum tariffs, you know, we're not necessarily going to feel that when we buy a single can of soda or beer because you know, obviously it, its tariffs on raw material and things like that and so companies can absorb some of that however I've heard stories of, of, of people having to pay more for you,know aluminum benches for a fair in Iowa, little things like that. So it's gonna trickle down, but at the same time you've got farmers, you've got consumers that appear to be a little uncertain as to what's happening. But, they're getting this, this message on, on both, both sides of the aisle. On one you've got a political party that's saying you know, this is the worst thing in the world our relationship with other countries is the most important thing we need, we need to protect that and then you've got President Trump who says look, we're going to start doing things differently and we're not gonna be ripped off anymore. He also said he looks to wait and see it's going to take time, but we're going to get it done. And we've already seen concessions from China, we've seen concessions or at least the appearance that the EU could be a possible trading partners in terms of automobiles with zero tariffs. You know, that seems to be kind of hopeful stuff.

TJ: Speaking to Jeff Monosso, national correspondent and anchor at Fox News Radio. He's @jeffmonosso on Twitter. Jeff, last, last question for you. Take us if you can you know from what you seen, what you been covering, what you're hearing, take us inside this, this meeting with these NATO leaders, you know, the other, the other networks like to kind of parse things out, they love the drama. They're trying to say you know, here's the latest battle between Trump and Merkel or between Trump and leader from this, that, or the other country. It's all the soap operas drama, but what's really going on? What's really the mood I mean, how is Trump? How was our president truly interacting with people and with these folks is world leaders. How are they interacting with him? Is it a is it a positive meeting or they getting anything accomplished? Give us the highlights.

JM What was that movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger when he played that cop who was a kindergarten teacher? 

TJ: Kindergarten Cop

JM: Was it Kindergarten Cop? That the scene when all hell broke loose. That is basically what's happening.

TJ: That's what's going on, huh? So, it is what it appears. Hey Jeff, thanks for all the time today. @jeff monosso, National correspondent, Anchor Fox News Radio, really appreciate the update, Jeff