President Trump Visits The Midwest

Cassie Smedile, RNC Spokesperson

The Annie Frey Show
July 24, 2018 - 3:28 pm

Cassie Smedile from the RNC discusses the President's visit to Kansas City, MO today to the VFW conference. Cassie is from Kansas City and was there when the President spoke today. Cassie says that the President discussed his new VA appointment that was confirmed. He seems to be understanding that the Veterans in the audience are interested in a variety of topics and used the opportunity to discuss all of his accomplishments and America's comeback. President Trump has a great approval rating right now that is similar to President George W. Bush's right after 9/11. She says that the unflitered and candid way that President Trump speaks shows that he speaks with people and it's refreshing to hear him speak. He speaks to people that aren't in the traditional political class. President Trump will be visiting Granite City later this week and Cassie says that with the trip he will show that his policies have people in mind. He's bringing jobs back, a promise made and a promise kept.