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President Trump Will Choose The Next Supreme Court Justice Tonight

Rachel Sutherland, Fox News Radio

The Annie Frey Show
July 09, 2018 - 1:07 pm

AF: We anticipate the Supreme Court nomination announcement tonight at 8 p.m. We will have it right here on FM Newstalk 97.1. To give us the latest information, Fox News Radio's Rachel Sutherland joins us now. Rachel, thank you so much for coming on.

RS: Thanks for having me, Annie.

AF: So what's the latest information? I know this is kind of a minute-by-minute process wearing at this point what we know?

RS:Yeah,we know the President has been working the phones this morning and he's been asking for in put about a couple of finalists. Judge Brett Kavanaugh who actually clerked for the retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy and also JudgeThomas Hardiman. His name started

coming up over the weekend as another possible. Now remember he was the one that was stressing as a runner up for justice Neil Gorsuch last year, and he also the first one in his family to have gone to college and put himself through school by driving a taxi cab. So interesting character there. According to the New York Times at the phones have been burning up at the White House over this weekend. The other two candidates, who were thought like the Judge Amy Coney Barrett, thought to be the top runner, the front runner and judge Raymond Kethledge, we're not the focus of the president's phone calls today, Judge Barrett is seen as a bit more controversial. People on the conservative social agenda side really like her because of her past positions on abortion. She's a devout Catholic. She is at written something so she's at Notre Dame so, social conservatives who are a lot of the President' s of a base, base type folks would really like Barret. The other side has been courting some more moderate Republican Senators like Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa murkowski of Alaska thing, don't, don't vote to confirm a Justice Barrett. So, she's a controversial pick, but she could still be the one we don't know for sure when the President unveils his pic at 9 p.m. Eastern on TV.

AF: Do we know if the President has continued to talk, I understand you're talking specifically about his conversations with these individuals, but what about reaching out to Senators? Is he still investing his time and trying to figure out the confirmability of said nominee or do you think that's kind of pass him now, or he's just looking at the best one of these four 

RS: I think he's looking a the best one of the four because confirmability, I don't think, I think the Democrats will definitely put up a fight but they're not in the majority. And in fact last year the Senate got rid of the Supreme Court filibuster. So it's going to be a simple majority vote. If you do have a couple of Republicans like Susan Collins for Lisa Murkowski a flipping and not wanting to go for somebody like Amy Coney Barrett, I guess that could be a problem. So he maybe thinking confirmability but I think even with a fight, and there will be one, because it's just a simple majority vote here. I really believe that the President's pick will ultimately be confirmed.

AF: So, the announcement will come at 8 p.m. Central Time here tonight. And then we're going to carry that live here on FM Newstalk 97.1. Do we know the set up, the process of how that 's going to be laid out?

RS: I think it's kind of underwrap to know that the President has requested television time. I'm not sure about which room he'll be in, or anything like that yet, but I'm sure that he'll do it with his usual Flair. And it's interesting that it's late at night. I don't think Justice Gorsuch was annouced late at night. But this one is in Primetime. And then that you could see what the next step after he announces nominees to have what they called courtesy calls over the Hill, and then there could be some hearing set up before the Senate Judiciary Committee by the end of the month and there could be a confirmation vote by September. It took, I guess, a couple of months to confirm Justice Gorsuch, so this would probably be on the same track.

AF: Alright, well, we will be paying close attention tonight. Rachel, thank you so much for some time.