Private vs public sector in Illinois

Bryce Hill: Illinois Policy Institute

The Annie Frey Show
August 21, 2019 - 4:00 pm

Bryce Hill says Illinois state employees are being overpaid.

"What we found when we looked at all state employees, and local employees across Illinois; oftentimes they are being paid up to 60% more than their private-sector counterparts even when they have the same education and work experience," says Hill. 

From the Illinois Policy Institute:

Where do we see this?

  • Illinois' public sector employees are some of the highest-paid in the nation.
  • Illinois' public sector workers make up to 60% more than private-sector employees with comparable education and job experience. 
  • Illinois’ public-private pay gap is wider than those in any neighboring state or the national average.
  • The gap is the highest for workers in service occupations, such as health care, food service, and maintenance work

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