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Pro-life advocate shares her story

Stephanie Jacobson- Pro-Life Advocate

The Annie Frey Show
January 17, 2019 - 2:34 pm

When the conversation comes to abortion, there is a lot of finger waging and shaming from both sides of the aisle for women who have experienced an abortion and wished they had not.

Pro-life advocate and phone coach for H3Helpline Stephanie Jacobson shares her story of having two abortions and living life after the procedure.

She is now pro-life and is a phone coach at H3Helpline. The idea is to help other women who are struggling with an unwanted pregnancy.


The H3Helpline is a ministry of New Heart of Texas Ministries. H3Helpline is dedicated to letting those who are hurting from their post-abortion pain know they are not alone. We understand the pain that is associated with post-abortion in women and men involved in this desperate decision. We provide the best recovery resources available today.

H3Helpline serves as a safe place for you to call if you are considering abortion or have suffered emotional pain after an abortion. Our professionally trained phone coaches have also experienced abortion. They are available to listen, empathize and encourage you to start your own journey of healing. Our phone coaches will research and recommend healing resources in your local area to begin your healing and restoration.

Listen to her story below: