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Pro-life protesters showed up to Springfield to encourage a no vote on SB25

Darren Bailey: IL State Representative

The Annie Frey Show
May 27, 2019 - 2:11 pm

Pro-life protesters showed up to Springfield to encourage a no vote on SB25. Legislators seeking an advantage, tag, and Amendment onto Illinois Senate Bill 25.

This amendment expands abortion access in the state of Illinois. This expansion includes access to abortion for the full 9 months without interference from anyone based on the reasoning of that abortion, which means it could be used as contraception through nine months.

It also expands insurance coverage for public workers to use their insurance dollars paid for by tax dollars for abortive services. And most heinously of all, it seeks to repeal the partial-birth abortion act.

Again, this is an amendment to a different bill that they are trying to slip through on a holiday weekend. Annie called her legislators office, and Katie Stuart was nowhere to be found.

It appears her offices are closed for the holiday. So there's no way for Annie to speak to a staff member for representative Stuart. this is absolutely shameful; Illinois residents need to know exactly what their legislators are doing. reach out to them on Facebook, tweet about it, let your voice be heard.

Because The unborn are about to be silenced.

Listen to Mike Ferguson's discussion with Representative Darren Bailey on this issue below: