School Spirit vs. Good Sportsmanship

Superintendent of Waterloo Brian Charron and Official Gary Gustafson

The Annie Frey Show
February 05, 2019 - 2:56 pm

Superintendent of the Waterloo district Brian Charron sent out an email regarding good sportsmanship and a call-to-action for more officials to participate in high school sports.

The email that the Superintendent sent was to encourage positive school spirit and sportsmanship:

“Can you help us change the curve?  We are seeking an atmosphere at Waterloo CUSD #5 sporting events that are electric with school spirit, but we don't want to confuse school spirit with poor sportsmanship.  Who is to blame?  Probably all of us to some extent.  This problem is bigger than Waterloo, but we all should take a look in the mirror and ask ourselves whether we are part of the problem or part of the solution.  I want us to be part of the solution, so we need your help and cooperation.”

“Many people received the letter in a positive way,” he explained. "This is not about any specific incident; this is about starting the conversation and develop that positive relationship with officials."

Gary Gustafson, the official that was knocked to the floor in the brawl at the Alton game,  joined Brian in-studio discuss this topic and how we can promote a better relationship between parents, students, officials, and staff.

Listen below: