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SCOTUS, Taxes, And Investigations

Rep. Ann Wagner

The Annie Frey Show
June 28, 2018 - 1:43 pm

Congresswoman Ann Wagner says yesterday was a good day. The appointment of Justice Gorsuch shows how important it is that President Trump will get to chose the replacement for Justice Kennedy. She says when it comes to the left's rhetoric there's no place for that kind of vitrial in society. She knows Maxine Waters very well and works with her on the Financial Services Committe and Waters in the ranking member and could become the chairman depending on how November goes. Rep. Wagner says there's been 6 consecutive quarters of GDP growth and the expectations are that there will be a 7th consecutive quarter. There are more jobs and more people looking for jobs. There have also been a rollback of a lot of Obama-era regulations. She's very optimistic about the future. It's about returning freedoms and power back to people at the most local level. Rep. Wagner says she doesn't think the blue wave for November is accurate. The President has high polling numbers and people are really looking at are real results. When it comes to the investigations, Rep. Wagner says that the DOJ is not complying with the House's requests for documents. They are supposed to hand over the documents and it shouldn't have dragged out so long or be so hard to get the documents requested.