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Sean Spicer: “Understand there is a lot at stake right now”

Sean Spicer- Former White House Communications Director

The Annie Frey Show
November 05, 2018 - 1:32 pm

Former White House Press Secretary and  Communications Director Sean Spicer says it’s important to remember that the president is pushing forward a successful agenda, and we want people in the Senate to help with that agenda.

“The president has upped the game,” Spicer said on Trump going out on the campaign trail.

The mentally of this midterm is how many seats can Republicans pick up, not how many seats are we going to lose?

“[Trump] is doing things that only he can do, so no one can imitate his likeness,” Spicer explained when asked about Trump’s momentum and if he can keep it for the next two years.

Sean Spicer and Katie Pavlich launched a new podcast called “Everything’s Going to be All Right”. This new podcast will go over midterm information, current events, issues, policies and more. You don't want to miss an episode!

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Listen to the interview below: