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Senator Claire McCaskill And The SCOTUS Nominee

Nick Schroer, Missouri State Representative

The Annie Frey Show
July 25, 2018 - 2:09 pm

AF: Joining us now is State Representative Nick Schroer. Nick, thanks for coming on the show today. You put out a press release yesterday addressing Senator McCaskill's unwillingness to put partisanship aside when it comes to the Supreme Court nomination what are your thoughts on what Claire McCaskill's responsibilities are right now to the voters in the state of Missouri.

NS: Thanks for having me on again, Annie. Every time I speak to the voters of my district, I do so in an advocacy position. As an attorney in my trade, I've been hired by many different people many different clients and my job is to listen to them and stand for their position. You know, llet them know what the issues are. Let them know both sides of the issues educate them, but ultimately stand and speak for them. I think what we see too far too often in D.C. are legislators whether it's our Congresspeople or Senators that are partisan hacks that are not listening to the people here back at home. Last year in 2017 I filed House Resolution 403, and what this did was to urge our Senators to  do their due diligence in investigating Neil Gorsuch, then judge, now Justice,  and ultimately confirm him based upon the research that we did as 163 members of the Missouri house. We passed it. Overwhelming support, Senator Roy Blunt actually listened to us, supported us. Democrats, other Democrats in different states actually confirmed Gorsuch, but despite our calls McCaskill  recognize our house resolution that the Missouri house sent her, decided to vote no and as we're hearing already, we're hearing that she's wanting to meet with with Kavanaugh, but as of yesterday when I, when I last checked she had and she hadn't even reached out to call him to set up an appointment to discuss his record.

AF: Yeah, we've learned that Chuck Schumer has rejected the possibility of sitting down and talking with Kavanaugh until the millions of documents that the Democrats have have requested are turned over, and then the idea is that they'll just bog down the system so incredibly much that it'll, the vote will have to go past the November election. But a lot of folks like a Heidi Heidkamp and Joe Donnelly have accepted these meetings and it makes you kind of wonder if Claire McCaskill hasn't accepted or set up a meeting yet, hasn't actually weighed in the possibility of having a face-to-face conversation with this nominee, does she make up her mind by having these conversations or is her mind made up for her when it comes to party over who she represents?

NS: I think your mind already made up. I think you know Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi they're calling the shots for her she's been recognized as one of the most unpopular Senators, if not, one of the most unpopular legislators up there in D.C. So I think in order to kind of gain favor back with the party, she was best friends with Hillary Clinton. She thought she was going to have an in with the Clinton campaign and the administration, but that was just a pipe dream for her. So now I think she's trying to win back some favorability with the party and is going to stand by whatever the marching orders are. But here we have Kavanaugh, we have a guy who is an admitted originalist, an admitted textualist and I don't care what party you're in. You don't want somebody who's going to decide what the law is based upon taking it to  an activist judges going to legislate from the bench and despite what the black letter of the law says, despite what the intent of that law is, they're going to morph it and kind of blend the executive branch and legislative branch and the judicial branch all together. So, we have Kavanagh who is actually taught at Harvard University, largely known as a liberal University. He's thought the law school the separation of powers is called the importance of the Supreme Court and looking over the the vast amount of decisions that he has from the DC appellate circuit, this is the guy who you know his upheld the law when it needs to be upheld.

AF: You talk about that you represent the 107th District in 2016. You live in O'Fallon. So you're constantly in contact with your constituents and you get to talk with a lot of the other Representatives throughout the state of Missouri. So I'm pretty sure you have a pretty good feel of what the people of Missouri are saying on specific issues at any given time. Does Claire Mccaskill represent the people of Missouri? Is there anything that she can hang her hat on at the end of the day that says, you know, this is what is good for the people in Missouri and this is thats's beause they've told me this and that's why I'm carrying out said voter said non-voter, whatever it might be?

NS: Well, it's hard to represent the the common folk like you and I and others not only of the United States but of Missouri when your several miles and they are flying over your RV, which you happen to park right before you get to your big fundraiser, climb in the RV with a broken drawer, and make it seem like you are one of the common folk. I think she's way too far removed. She's been in politics, I believe longer than I've been alive and she's so disconnected to to what we are experiencing here back at home. I've called all of her offices, never get a call back. I've sent her faxes and sent her letters about not only Neil Gorsuch, but Kavanaugh. As an attorney, I think it's incredibly appropriate for the barristers of our state to stand up and support somebody who's going to uphold the law, uphold the Constitution and make sure that legislating from the bench is not within the powers of the judicial branch. So, representing me she's never gotten back with me and let you know I'm not only a citizen here in the state of, Missouri, I am a legislator as well. So I think you know what we need to do is hold her feet to the fire. Pick whoever we deem is more appropriate in the  Republican primary, or the Democratic primary if you don't, you know, if your Democrat and don't appreciate the service, he's done the state vote for somebody else. But ultimately what we did in the primary back in 2016 with President Trump there a lot of people that supported someone else, I was a Cruz guy but ever since then I'm on the Trump train. And you know the winning that we have, we've got unemployment claim the lowest in 44 years, social security disability claim the lowest and 15 years economic growth probably surpassing 4% unemployment 3.8%. We are experiencing a time of massive growth. So put your trust put your faith in the Republican party here, and if Hawley wins, which I think with his name credibility, he will ultimately probably win the primary. We need a support him or whoever it is that when the primary in defeating McCaskill.

AF: Yeah, I like how you mention that you were a Cruz guy. I was a Rubio person myself and there were certainly many people who were Trump people right out of the gate. But how important is it once the primary is over, once the voters have gone to the polls on August 7th and cast their ballots and we have a candidate, how comfortable do you feel with a people who are who are putting their name in the hat to represent the Republican party so far how confident do you feel in any of their abilities to unseat Claire McCaskill and do a better job to the voters in, Missouri?

NS: Well, honestly all of the ones that I've met, I met Hawley, worked with him as he's been Attorney General on several different issues been impressed I've met Courtland Sykes, very impressed with him, Tony Monetti, very impressive him. Austin Petersen very impressed with him, too. So if if any of these candidates that I've met end I'm winning, I'm 100% fine going door-to-door for them calling people for them. Whether it's Josh Hawley, Peterson, Monetti, any of them I'm fine with. Tim Jones and I both share the sentiment that knowing how hard it is to work not only in a primary Statewide but also a general election Statewide in winning handedly with the most votes out of any Statewide candidate, you know, that's something that Hawley's done and Hawley's got a lot of financial backing from people here in the state of Missouri, so two things that he has above and beyond anybody else in this race, you know, I'll be happy to support anybody, but I think right now common sense would dictate that he is the front-runner.

TC: I got you the microphone on a Representative Schroer, Tony Columbo great talking with you on the weekend report over the weekend to appreciate that real quick. We're almost out of time where to get your quick thoughts on our there's a story out today about Senator McCaskill working on federally mandating fixes to the amphibious boats all around the country obviously in response to the terrible tragedy in Branson last week. Have you guys talked on a state-level at all have you heard any any rumors about some legislation or handling that tragedy or addressing a tragedy with government or law in anyway, or do you feel like that's not necessarily the role of the state government and that should be handled privately?

NS: Well, something that we definitely need to talk about it something that Rocky Miller, he's a representative down at the lake, I've had many good conversations with him about issues going on down in the lake from from the Ozark Series to amphibious boat, but you know to me I think it's kind of a slap in the face with with this Senator that we have that if she was still in touch with the people of Missouri, this would have been an issue. This would have been on her radar for many years, but now you know and I hate to say it we talk about it on Sunday when I covered for Tim Jones, never let a good tragedy go to waste. That's a Rahm Emanual said, that's why I think she's trying to do. Very contested general election, which is going to be in November.

AF: Yeah, well, we're going to continye to follow the developments there with that unfortunate tragedy in Branson and you know, I guess it's in it's in the politics political news now, so we'll have watch.

NS: Yeah, you know, the family is the members whether they're Missourians, the people from Indiana is just an incredibly tragic story that even reading the other night and seeing pictures of the family that lost so many you made me tear up and I could never imagine my two little ones even my wife do if they were just gone. It's incredibly tragic and that's why I think we have to have a discussion to figure out how we don't necessarily interfere with free market capitalism and businesses at the whole, but at the same time we need to make people accountable who aren't keeping people safe when they're inviting people in to their business.

AF: Absolutely. Alright, Missouri State Representative Nick Schroer, thank you so much for coming on. People can follow you on Twitter @NickBSchroer. We appreciate you.