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Senator Roy Blunt responds to why he voted against the National Emergency

The Annie Frey Show
March 15, 2019 - 1:16 pm

Senator Blunt said that no president has used the emergency fund as President Trump is trying to use it now.

“I think it potentially sets a new standard that we have never had before,” Blunt said. “I’m supportive of what he is trying to do here, but I’m also supportive of the constitutional way to do it.”

The question on everyone’s mind is who holds the power of the purse?

That question is why Blunt voted the way he did yesterday.

Make no mistake, Blunt has spoken with the President often about his feelings towards the power of the emergency. He said he has voted with the president on practically everything, but can’t vote with him on this.

“I’d rather help the president do what he wants to do and secure the border,” he said.

Many Democrats have been calling this a ‘fake National Emergency” and Blunt doesn’t agree with that ideology.

“I think this is a big problem and I’ve done everything I can to help the president solve that problem,” Blunt responded.

Listen to the discussion below: