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The Short - List For The New Supreme Court Justice

Jon Decker, Fox News Radio

The Annie Frey Show
July 03, 2018 - 1:56 pm

AF: Joining us now is Fox News Radio's Jon Decker to give us the latest and this is an ever-changing situation. It seems John. Thanks for coming on the show today.

JD: Thanks for having me on, Annie. How are you doing today?

AF: Doing fine. So what do you think? What what do we know about Trump's preferences here? How how narrow is this list?

JD: Well, they lift initially was 25, but the president clearly has narrowed that list down considerably probably to about 7 individuals. As the President told us yesterday in the Oval Office, I was there when he spoke about how he had yesterday interview four of those candidates and he said that he would likely meet with an interview two or three more candidates before the process is over, and there's not much more time for that process to be complete after all he mentioned in the intro, he's going to announce his choice for what will be a vacancy on the US Supreme Court once Anthony Kennedy steps down the end of this month. He's going to do that. Monday is likely going to do it Primetime Monday night like you did for Neil Gorsuch.

AF: Are there any similarities that are through these seven justices. Is there anything we can learn from how small this list has gotten as of yet?

JD: The similarities are that they were all vetted by the Federalist Society. They're all conservative. They clearly view the Constitution in the same manner. They're essentially original intent individuals and I think that when you look at these people, they will all satisfy conservatives regardless of who the president chooses and last Friday the president on Air Force One, Annie, indicated that two women are among his finalist for what will be a vacancy on the US Supreme Court.

AF: One of the big issues that certainly you see a lot of panic from the left is however this Justice will position him or herself regarding abortion. Has the President spoken at all about his selection and that Roe v Wade case particularly weighing into who he chooses to appoint?

JD: Not really. The White House's steering way clear of that and there's a big reason for that. Not just the fact that it would draw Democratic opposition, but there are two Republican Senators who are quite openly pro-choice. It's Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine and Republican senator Lisa. Murkowski of Alaska. So, because the margin of Democratic er uh, Republicans to Democrats in the Senate is so narrow he needs every Republican to stick together and that means that he needs to get buy-in for whoever the choices from both murkowski and Susan Collins.

AF: And he's reached out to some of these Senators specifically. Who did he reach out to and what was his message?

JD: Well, he had a meeting at the White House shortly after Anthony Kennedy announced that he would be retiring, stepping down from the US Supreme Court. He met with both Collins and Murkowski, they were included with Democratic senators In fact three Democrats who voted for Neil Gorsuch when his nomination came on the Senate floor also met with the President. Those three Senators are from Red States and they are each up for reelection and they're facing a lot of pressure to support the President's nominee, whoever that is once he makes that next Monday.

AF: Do we know who's Helping the President whose advising the President in this specific matter on who would be the best decision?

JD: Yes, we do. It's the White House counsel Don McGahn. He is leading this process and in addition to that and the List initially was put together by the Federalist Society the President during the campaign did something rather unusual never been done before. He said to the Federalist Society Executive Director put  together a list for me of individuals you would like to see on the US Supreme Court. They did just that they put together a list of 25 individuals. They remain on that list in fact Neil Gorsuch was taken off that list and now he has the ninth seat on the US Supreme Court, so all the President is paying a lot of attention to that list. He's not going to expand it. He says he's going to keep as it is and he's now that list already down to about seven individuals.

AF: Jon Decker with Fox News Radio. Thanks for coming on and we hope you have a wonderful Independence Day tomorrow.

JD: Yes. Thanks. You too, Annie, Happy Birthday America.

AF:Yep, that's right, thanks Jon.