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Shutdown is creeping closer and closer

Deputy National Press Secretary Blair Ellis

The Annie Frey Show
December 18, 2018 - 1:14 pm

As the shutdown date moves closer and closer we question if there is any negotiation on the price and the semantics of the wall.

Deputy National Press Secretary Blair Ellis says what we do know is that a wall works.

The focus of the president has not changed and that will be key in getting stronger border security. "This is what the people want," she said.

Pundit Joe Scarborough seems to believe that even with the American people on Trump's side in wanting stricter border security, he has no chance of winning 2020 if he runs.

Watch video of Scarborough here: https://www.breitbart.com/video/2018/12/18/scarborough-trump-going-to-lose-badly-in-2020/

"We know where the president's approval stands and we're feeling good about the track that we are on," she said on him having a good chance in 2020.

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