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"The Size and Scope is Unprecedented"- Penn

Mark Penn- Political Strategist & Author

The Annie Frey Show
September 05, 2018 - 12:45 pm

Author and political strategist Mark Penn tells Annie that the investigation into the people surrounding President Donald Trump is unprecedented.

He says the investigation puts enormous pressure on Trump and the people working with him.

“To create a conspiracy and to create a crime is quite evident here,” Penn explains when talking about the Mueller investigation.

Penn says he doesn't want the same thing to happen 20 years from now with another president being investigated.

What is the danger in associating Cohen and Manafort’s crimes with Trump? It gives Mueller fuel to add to the fire on this investigation of Trump.

Mark Penn was a former advisor to President Bill Clinton, so he is not lined up with President Trump’s policies. However, he tells Annie that despite his different views, he does not believe what is happening to Trump is right.

Mark Penn wrote in his article, Cohen's plea deal is prosecutor's attempt to set up Trump, "Trump should do a better job of picking aides who pay their taxes, but he is not responsible for their financial problems and crimes."

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