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Sports Culture in 2018 -High School Basket-Brawl

Joe Rusch & Scott Jones- Youth Sports Officials

The Annie Frey Show
November 28, 2018 - 1:35 pm

The conversation bloomed from watching a brawl break out during an Alton-Riverview Gardens basketball game.

What is the culture surrounding sports games in 2018?

Joe Rusch and Scott Jones are sports officials and have been doing their passion for over 46 seasons.

Over the years, Joe says the game hasn’t changed, but the atmosphere has become more intense.

Scott’s theory is that the kids that are playing have no accountability anymore because of their parent’s pampering.

“If you call a foul on a kid, the parent’s say ‘why are you calling a foul on my child?’ ” Jones said. “Their (parents) are living their fantasy through their child.”

Rusch and Jones say what’s lacking is consistency in how the officials call things. It has a lot to do with geography. The variations happen from the boot heel to the city.

This is not a color issue. This is instinct. This is friends trying to back up the friend who’s fighting.

“This is mob mentality,” Jones said. It’s up to the coaches, the parents, and the institution to take the proper action during a brawl like the one we saw in the Alton-Riverview Gardens basketball game.

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Courtesy Katie Fitzpatrick KFTK (L to R- Scott Jones, Annie Frey, Joe Rusch)