STL Attorney is "Violating Her Oath of Office"- Jones

Tim Jones, Former Speaker of Missouri House

The Annie Frey Show
August 31, 2018 - 1:49 pm

St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney Kim Gardner has developed a list of St Louis Police officers who she will not accept cases from to prosecute.

Tim Jones says Kim Gardner is not the judge, she's a prosecutor.   

"She's arguing that there are crimes she won't prosecute and is using these police officers as an excuse," Jones explained. "As a state legislator, I questioned her motives.  She received money from George Soros."

Caller Joe said this is a terrible, terrible move for the city. Where is the leadership from the mayor?

The Former Speaker says the city of St. Louis has evolved into Gotham city.

Watch the interview here:

Annie and Tim chat with KFTK Callers regarding Kim Gardner's list of 28 police officers: