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Stock Market Turbulence

Chris Stirewalt- Fox News Politics Editor

The Annie Frey Show
December 06, 2018 - 12:59 pm

The stock market has dropped significantly this week. Chris Stirewalt says we shouldn’t be focused on the drop, but the economic boom as a whole.

“In January we will have the longest period of economic prosperity in history,” he said. “This has been the longest we have gone without a recession.”

Stirewalt brings up the stupidity of not arguing about having a cease-fire, instead, we are arguing about when the cease-fire will happen with China. Why are we talking about the trade war and not the booming economy?

Could information surrounding the Mueller-Manafort investigation affect President Trump?

“Paul Manafort is a bad guy,” Stirewalt said. He reiterated that there’s a reason no one works with Manafort. It’s because he’s a sneaky person and Trump knew that going into hiring him.

Something not to forget is that information may come out about Trump through this trial, however, nothing that will impeach him. Stirewalt says that is a fantasy made up by the left.

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