The story of MOSUL on film

Dan Gabriel: Former CIA Officer, filmmaker

The Annie Frey Show
June 10, 2019 - 2:16 pm

Former CIA officer, Dan Gabriel, joined Tim Jones to talk about his debut film, MOSUL. Dan specialized in countering terrorism & violent-extremism, directing counter-insurgency operations, and developing & benchmarking counter-radicalization theory and methodology in the Islamic world.

"For  the better part of three years, the second-largest city in Iraq, Mosul, was under ISIS control," says Gabriel.  "The stories that came out of there just atrocious."

MOSUL was filmed by a crew embedded with Iraqi forces in 2016. This crew crossed the Tigris River into west Mosul, where ISIS fighters were using civilians as human shields as they made their last stand. 

"It's the story of the battle to reclaim Mosul from ISIS," Gabriel says of his movie.  

Despite declarations of victory over ISIS by the Iraqi and US governments, MOSUL is a timely reminder that even though their dreams of a Caliphate lie in tatters, ISIS’ destructive ideology and brutal campaign of murder still poses an existential threat to Iraq and the region.

Gabriel warns of the spread of the ideology, "it spreads online, through the internet, and people are able to be radicalized."  

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