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There Needs To Be More Conversation And Less Assuming

Tyrus, Fox News Contributor

The Annie Frey Show
July 05, 2018 - 3:37 pm

AF: Joing us now, Fox News Contributor, Tyrus to talk about this. Tyrus, thanks for coming on. We appreciate it.

T: Thanks for having me.

AF: So, tell us what you think about this nomination the implications what President Trump should do or shouldn't do, because this is a really big deal.

T: It's a really big deal, but it's it's not a really big deal. Kennedy chose to retire and we have a republican House we have a Republican Senate and we were Republican President so, they're well within their means to pick a Republican Justice, so I don't understand what the fight is in talking about what they're going to do orw hat's going to happen? This is a constant theme now of predicting orjust telling the worst movie in the world is coming. Like the end of the world coming March 28th. But the movie never comes, you know. I think you're assuming that...they're almost acting like we were picking like Russians or something like these are Americans they're Republicans and whether they're conservative or moderate whatever choices made that this is completely within the rights. There's nothing wrong here. There's nothing...you want to be upset at somebody, be mad at the American people.

AF: I agree Tyrus.

T: This is such not an argument. This is spilled milk, sour grapes, and unfortunately people spoke, this is the situation that we have in the Senate the house with the President. So of course we're going to have judges that reflect that.

AF: The left really seems to have consolidated their message around the idea of resistance. So, anything that has to do with President Trump, the solution to it is to resist it and you know the Democrats don't have the the power by virtue of votes in the Senate to do a whole lot. Other than just say, you know, this is terrible,the sky is falling not vote for it, but that doesn't necessarily stop the Justice from from being approved. What's your reaction to the left the way they're reacting to this, but also this whole idea of resisting the president do you think it's going to be a winning strategy for Democrats?

T: I think the difference...when Barack Obama was President and there was a resistant and there was obstruction, but they were very specific on certain issues. It wasn't everything he did it was certain things he did and they fought tooth and nail on it and people wouldn't budge. So, people would remember the issues. What the Democrats are doing is everything is Armageddon. So, you can't remember what issues are really that bad when he's all bad people when you tell me a situation is so bad, nothing can be changed, as a voter, most likely I'm just going to shrug my shoulders and move on with my life.

AF: Yeah.

T: I think they had a good fight to pick about the way some of the immigration things were handled. That was a strong thing, but I'm not going to remember that in 4 months because they complain about everything everyday. So, whoever's strategy this is it's so confusing and nobody believes that even the worst President going to be wrong every time. So, this strategy is more confusing. We already are divided I get it, but it's so confusing. I think it's confusing for the people. They don't even... while one person is scaling the Statue of Liberty for immigration another group is saying Roe versus Wade is gone in a week like it's just it's so hard to keep up with all the scandals. So there's no scandals. It's just a cluster-bomb of a lot of information but no one's fixed anything.

AF: There is a 16 year old Hunter Richard in San Antonio who was eating in a Whataburger and he was wearing make America great again hat. It got ripped off his head, there was there words exchanged, there is some physical altercation. This is one instance in a series of instances and it doesn't have to just be you know, it's not all just against conservatives. There are other people who are on both sides of the aisle who will, you know, get a little rowdy from time to time. But my question to you Tyrus's what can be done to get us back to a place where we can openly disagree and like you say if you don't win the particular fight at hand because we don't have the political capital in office to win said fighter to win said vote you shrug your shoulders and you move on. I mean we are not at that place and it seems like we're coming to a Flashpoint with how separate we are.

T: Well, not just that, a couple of things.Make American Great Again, there's been a couple of issues with that. One, it was a strange poll and I felt it did more damage and harm basically saying that like half the country feels that the Present United States is a racist. Now make America great again now goes from an economic issue to a social issue where the same time to think make things back in the day how they were when whites had complete control. So with that message being out there. It not just division over political stuff. Now it's becoming racial and is very personal. And people, politicians say this stuff and then a lot of times they'll go back and go back to the office and they won't think anything of it. But when you drop these kinds of bombs and you drop these kind of things, there's people in this country that look at politicians is Gospel on Republican and Democratic side and it's a real to them to the point where they're willing to fight for it and have altercations. So,the brother that walked up to him and came on him and his mind he's right. He's confronting this Rick wearing this racist hat in this Whataburger I'm not having it. When the other side the kid is wearing a hat not because he wishes America was One race run country think it's making great jobs and economic, a bright economic future. And that division is being planted by mainstream media, the fact that poll even went out to me was amazing. They never did at any other president.

AF: Right. I have a I have a white Trump hat and it just says Trump across it and it says make America great again, and I've worn it a couple of times in public because first of all I saw and I'm like, this is a sweet hat, where am I ever going to wear this? Like I'm notgoing to go out in public and wear it but I thought how silly it is to feel as though by putting that hat on that I am being a bringing something on me because of that. I mean do you think that if people if if more people that were rational, non-aggressive folks, not necessarily supporting of President Trump specifically, but like of patriotic things if if Republicans and conservatives were able to be more open and not aggressive in their openness. Do you think that that would make things better? Because more people be like, oh, I didn't know they were conservative. I didn't know they thought conservatively or do you think it would make it worse?

T: I think the biggest problem is we don't ask questions anymore. And I'll take a page out of my life real quick. When I was going to school in Nebraska that was a kid who walks around with a Confederate flag hat on all the time. I've grown up in California. I always understand Confederate flag was just another name nickname for, wishing slave days in the Ku Klux Klan, so I didn't have much use for that. And I remember me and some other brothers walked up to him in the football, Why do you wear that hat? He said, because I love The Dukes of Hazzard.

AF: And your reaction?

T: Good show, we like that show, too. Roscoe was funny. And the way the climate of the world is now, in the United States, we wouldn't ask that question. We would have ripped the hat off him.

AF: Beat him up or something.

T: Maybe even have done something bad to him, because we're being told the information before even asking the questions anymore. And here's the thing. Both side are right. Both side are so right in their mind that you cannot argue with absolutism. This country is one or two things. One, President Donald Trump is the greatest con man of all time or two President who was trying to do his best to improve the lives of American citizens so, it's one or the other. There's no in between, and so while this is all going on people are taking this stuff like religion. I mean this is like Christians and Muslims fighting in the, in the BC times like this is just crazy. You cannot, if you had try to have a conversation with someone you just can't because they just don't want to listen. They know it's right their sides right the other side's wrong, and there's no in between because we no longer ask questions. We no longer realize that one of us, most of us don't work at the White House. Most of us don't write the speech for the President. Most of us don't know the President. Most of us don't know the Senators and the House members, we know each other and we used to ask each other questions. We're just not asking questions anymore.

AF: Did your friend continue to wear the hat?

T: Yeah, he did, and we had no problem with it. 

AF: You had no problem with it because you talked about it.

T: Somebody is always you know you're endorsing slavery and he was like nah, man, he just grew up and liked the Dukes of Hazard and that was his favorite show. And you know, he's the General Lee and stuff like that and we like, alright cool. There's some guys that go, that's my heritage or whatever and then the debate with start well, like, I'm offended by that. And then the guy would make the decision, well I won't wear the hat to practice sorry guys, but we gotta conversation. We just don't ask those questions

AF: Tyrus that's a fantastic point. Thanks for coming on with us today. You can follow Tyrus @PlanetTyrus on twitter and your tweets are great. I love following there.You can folllow him  Facebook as well. Fox News contributor Tyrus. Thanks. I appreciate it.

T: Thank you. Have a great day.

AF: You too, bye, bye