Tim Jones: Nunes 'owned' Schiff at hearing

Tim Jones: 97.1 Host

The Annie Frey Show
November 15, 2019 - 1:52 pm

Tim Jones joined Annie from New Orleans where he's prepping for the election on Saturday.

"I thought Devin Nunes absolutely owned Adam Schiff this morning," says Jones.  "Adam Schiff was visibly rattled, visibly shaken," following Nunes' opening statement at the Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch's hearing.

Jones says so far the Democrats' witnesses against Pres Trump haven't been helpful for impeachment. 

"The two fellows on Monday, there was that pivotal question," says Jones, of Congressman Ratcliffe who asked; "Which of you can tell me what the impeachable offenses were that the President committed. Not only did they not push back on the question, they sat there in bewildered silence. There is no impeachable offense."