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Veto Session is coming up in Springfield, IL

Mindy Ruckman- Illinois Policy Analyst

The Annie Frey Show
November 14, 2018 - 2:27 pm

Illinois' Veto session started yesterday and will continue until the last week of November.

There are more than 70 vetoed bills on the docket. Government Affairs Legislative Analyst Mindy Ruckman tells us what bills to expect and how this session will play out.

Bills to watch for this veto session:
House Bill 5342 – Pension perks for Chicago aldermen
This bill would allow Chicago aldermen and city council members who previously served as firefighters to bundle their time served into firefighter pensions, which are more lucrative than municipal pensions. Illinois Policy Institute warns this will have negative effects on the city of Chicago’s finances, as taxpayers will be on the hook for even more pension liabilities. It may also hurt Chicago firefighters as city politicians crowd out their pensions.

Senate Bill 2641 – Burdensome regulations on car rental services
This bill would levy new taxes and regulations on startup car-sharing services, forcing small businesses to pay more in taxes than traditional rental car companies. According to the Illinois Policy Institute, the state has a history of overtaxing and over-regulating innovative companies that create jobs and compete with legacy industry players.

Additional bills on the docket could include increasing teachers’ minimum wage to $40,000 by 2020 (Senate Bill 2892), increasing the tobacco use age to 21 (Senate Bill 2332), and unionizing paramedics as defined in the Illinois Public Relations Labor Act and adding them as beneficiaries of the Public Safety Employee Benefits Act (House Bills 126 and 127).

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