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We should continue with the hearing for Kavanaugh

Hans von Spakovsky from the Heritage Foundation

The Annie Frey Show
September 17, 2018 - 1:00 pm

The latest information involving the Kavanaugh hearings is quite salacious. Christine Blasey Ford has come forward to allege the judge had forced himself on her back in high school.

“This claim is very problematic from the standpoint of lack of credibility,” Hans von Spakovsky from the Heritage Foundation said on Kavanaugh’s allegations of sexual assault.

The one person the accuser mentions, Mark Judge, has said he has no recollection of the event that supposedly took place.

So why did Feinstein wait to present this knowledge at the last minute?

If the leftists are advocates for justice, why did they hold off on telling the courts about this allegation?

“This seems like a con job to sabotage the hearing,” Spakovsky said.

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