A Guy Pours Gasoline on His Barbecue, and Sets the Yard on Fire

It's Lit!

The Dave Glover Show
November 13, 2018 - 1:01 pm

We all know you're not supposed to pour any kind of flammable liquid on a fire.  Well, all of us but this idiot.  He's in the backyard holding a plastic gas can next to an open pit fire that's going strong. 

But he decides to pour MORE fuel from the can into the fire.  The flame immediately shoots up to the can, and catches it on fire.  Then he panics and tosses the can into the yard . . . catching the grass and some plants on fire too. 

He tops if off by running away and promptly trips over a piece of lawn furniture.  The video ends there . . . but whoever posted it said nobody was hurt, and the family was eventually able to enjoy their meal together.