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Reddit user is worried there's a demon in his home

In honor of Paranormal Wednesday, here are some scary situations that redditors have experienced

The Dave Glover Show
November 06, 2019 - 1:07 pm

Ah, Paranormal Wednesday... where we keep Spooky Season going for you all year 'round. Today is open lines Paranormal Wednesday on the DGS, but we thought we'd jump-start the conversation with some stories from real reddit users. 

Take this story - this redditor (Bear_alvarez6588) is worried there is a demon in his home:

So i'm new here but my house has always been "haunted" but to a certain extent. Recently, me and my family have been hearing each others voices when in reality one of us didn't call the other. Just this morning when i was getting in the shower before work i heard my dad call my name and did a quick cough. So when i got out of the shower i walked to the loft area, expecting to see him there on the couch, there was no one there. I just texted my mom and she said that he had slept in the bed with her. Mind you our house is pretty big so it would be hard for me to hear them from their room. Furthermore, we have been seeing each other, in flesh, when we are not home. For example, I had been at my apartment but my dad had claimed to see me laying on my sisters bed and he even covered "me" but i was not at my parents house at that time. So whatever he covered was not me nor my sister because she was staying at a friends house. So many things are starting to pick back up since i moved back home. We have sage the house and even had a priest come in and bless it but it wont leave. I'm scared its attached to my family. I don't know what to do anymore. When you enter my house this thing almost drains all of your energy.

Edit: my “mom” just called me but it was nothing but static. When I called her back she didn’t know what I was talking about. She even checked her call log and she never made that call from her end. But on my call log it showed up for 13 seconds.

Kind of reminds us of the Halloween show where Dave THOUGHT he heard Tony talking to him clear as day, but it turned out Tony was outside the house.

Here's another one... have you ever seen something that you were pretty sure didn't really exist? User norabb123 did:

So my best friend's house has never been odd but recently stuff has been flying off cabinets and shelves. For example, she has a brass elephant on a shelf in her kitchen and it flew off she shelf and landed on the island standing up. It weighs as least 2 pounds and should not move on its own let alone fly off the shelf. The other night we stepped outside to smoke cigarettes and we saw windows of a house. There were 3 windows on the bottom and 2 on the top story, we could see curtains in the windows. We were both 99% sure there was not a house back there. She lives up in the mountains and there were trees between us and the house. The next day we investigated and there is no house back there. There's nothing for lights to reflect off of. The most recent thing that may or may not be related is that she was taking her new puppy outside around midnight and she took a few steps outside the door and heard something heavy running through the woods coming from the direction of the ghost house. She did not stay outside to see what it was. She said it sounded like a full grown man running through the woods. Thoughts?

Kind of gives the phrase "haunted house" a whole new meaning.

Okay, speaking of Halloween shows - remember when the basement door at Mineral Spings (you know, the one with the GIANT, HEAVY deadbolt) locked itself while a listener was down there? This story from user Xorito is bringing back some bad memories:

How is this possible? And IF it was paranormal, what it means? The wardrobe has two keyhole, so we're talking about two "doors" (it's VERY old). Obviously it wasn't us who locked the doors, since we've NEVER had keys for the wardrobe. We couldn't open it by bare hand, so we had to use a tool and we found out the two lock wasn't in the original place, so yeah basically it locked itself. Oh and we're using the wardrobe quite often.

Reddit provided some cool spooky stories today, but do you have a better one? Email the DGS at with your paranormal experience (brevity is appreciated!) and you could end up on the next Paranormal Wednesday blog post.