This Week's DGS Superfan Is Connie Ball!!

The Dave Glover Show
November 13, 2018 - 1:25 pm

Connie Ball

O’Fallon, MO


My husband, Dave, has listened to the DGS for 12+ years. He would come home telling me about what he'd heard on his drive home and eventually I began listening when I could. This past spring I finally jumped on the podcast train and now I'm addicted to your show. I listen when I clean, drive, shower, etc. I even saved up a week's worth of shows so we could listen to the DGS during our entire 20th anniversary trip to Canada. No matter what the topic, someone seems to say what I'm thinking...even Klose! I actually adore Klose because he reminds me of my dad- carping and all. I wish everyone in the media would speak with such true honesty and yet humility as everyone on your show. Keep it up!!



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