Bloody Knife


Guy Stabbed at Haunted House After Masked Employee Gives His Friend a Real Knife

October 10, 2018 - 2:42 pm

In what sounds like the plot of a schlocky horror flick, a visitor to a haunted house in Nashville wound up with a knife in his arm after a masked employee handed the guy's female friend what she presumed to be a fake knife and she stabbed him with it.

BuzzFeed reports that the Nashville Nightmare Haunted House employee, described as "a thin man with a skull face," walked up to the 29-year-old woman on Friday night and asked if her friend was "f**king around with her."

When she playfully replied yes, the employee handed her a knife and said, "Well, here, stab him." So she struck her friend in his left arm. "As she pulled back, she realized that there was blood on the knife," a police report states. "There was a hole in the victim's shirt and blood was squirting from the victim's left arm."

That victim, 29-year-old James Yochim, later told The Tennessean, "Keep in mind, we'd been chased by chainsaws, holding other weapons, all kinds of stuff all night and it was all fake. So she stabs at me with it, and everything got really black." He has since been treated at a local hospital. As for the masked man, he told the police he didn't realize the knife was that sharp. The company that runs the haunted house says he's been placed on leave.

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