The Bottom Line- Kavanaugh "It Was Kind of Stinky"

Keith Antone- Radio Host

The Marc Cox Morning Show
October 10, 2018 - 8:25 am

Tim Jones gives Keith Antone credit because he thought Brett Kavanaugh would be confirmed.

"Absolutely," says Antone,  "I knew he had the votes, this was all just a political show!" 

Antone says it will be an extremely close race between Josh Hawley and Senator Claire McCaskill because of the Kavanaugh hearings and the #MeToo movement, "I think she wins by a couple of points."

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Tim points out that black conservatives are far more prominent than in the past. Antone says blacks are "not a monolithic people."  "We need black conservatives," Antone says, "we all need to be at different tables so we can get something."


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