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Temper tantrum from people who lost an election

Brian Kilmeade talks about being harassed on a NYC subway

The Marc Cox Morning Show
October 08, 2018 - 7:46 am

Brian Kilmeade joins Marc to discuss the St. Louis stop on his book tour. He’ll be at the St. Louis County Library on Friday, October 26th.  This event is going to be awesome. We’ll be there, please join us! CLICK HERE to grab your tickets.

In regard to being harassed on a NYC subway, Kilmeade says he just kept thinking to himself, ‘don’t give them content.’

We’re not sure we could have maintained that type of composure if we were being shouted down by these lunatics. Unfortunately, we’re seeing more and more of this hostility and violence inciting behavior from the left.

Brian believes we hit rock bottom with the state of controversy and the (attempted) political character assassination of Justice Kavanaugh.

Listen to the full interview below: