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Bring a Veteran to Ballpark Village & Busch Stadium

The Marc Cox Morning Show
May 15, 2018 - 10:00 am

Veteran Service Officer and Advocate for the St. Louis Veterans Business Network, Mike LeBlanc, joins Marc to discuss a few great events taking place in the area to honor our nation’s finest.

LeBlanc is a veteran himself and the founder of The Veterans Landing Project and the District Commander of the American Legion in the 10th District.

Bring a Veteran to Ballpark Village & Busch Stadium

Date: Saturday, May, 19th

Time: 11am

Details: Department of Defense 50th Anniversary Lapel Pin of the Vietnam War with accompanying Presidential proclamation to ANY Veteran who served on active duty anywhere during the time frame of Nov 1, 1955 to May 15, 1975. 

There is no cost to attend or for the Lapel Pin. They’d like to recognize any Veteran who is no longer with us and award such Lapel Pin to immediate family.

Followed by POW MIA Remembrance Day at Busch Stadium, there are box tickets left in the sections reserved for Veterans and their families but anyone is welcome.

The reduced cost of these tickets is just $25 for 97.1 listeners when you call or text 314-456-2361.

Bring a Veteran to Ballpark Village and to Busch Stadium or buy a ticket for a Veteran to attend.  These events are sponsored by the American Legion in St Louis County.

Reading of the Fallen-Korean War

Date: Friday May 25th, 2018

Time: Starting at sunset and going continuously until all names of those Killed in Action (36,516) are avowed which is estimated Monday (Memorial Day) May 28th, 2018 around sunrise. 

Details: This will include a special mention beyond Name and Branch for Medal of Honor recipient every hour. This is followed by annual Memorial Day Tribute at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery across the street.

This Reading of the Fallen will be held at Sylvan Springs Park, Wohlschlanger Shelter.