LISTEN: Democrats are hiding their radical ideas from Americans

Mo. Congressman Jason Smith on Gun Control & Government Spending

The Marc Cox Morning Show
September 23, 2019 - 9:38 am

Congressman Jason Smith (R- MO Dist. 8) joins the show to discuss gun legislation and the budget process.

Rep. Smith was unclear on the next steps from the administration regarding new gun legislation. He did, however, speak to the belief that we have a huge mental health crisis in America and that no amount of gun legislation will solve the problem.

 “It’s a mental health issue,” says Smith.

Noting the White House is going to have to make mental health the number one issue when it comes to gun legislation.

In regards to “red flag laws”, Smith says that due process is the number one concern. The Congressman says he hasn’t come across any legislation regarding this issue that he can support.

“Laws only affect law abiding citizens… enforcement has to be the number on approach,” Smith continues.

On the issue of the budget, Smith says, Pelosi won’t commit to her spending priorities, as if she’s trying to keep them a secret.