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Congresswomann Ann Wagner: Immigration Vote, MO Primary, Governor Parson & more

The Marc Cox Morning Show
June 14, 2018 - 10:07 am

Rep. Ann Wagner says she’s happy to take a vote on immigration but it will come down to specifics.

Wagner notes, “The devils always in the details.”

She mentions her support of the “good conservative” Goodlatte package but can’t make a decision on how she’ll vote on additional legislation that hasn’t yet been presented in full.

President Trump has endorsed Hawley for Senate but the congresswoman says she’s not taking sides in the primary. Her focus is on beating Sen. McCaskill and she recognizes there are a number of people in the running for the GOP nomination.

Wagner is also impressed with Missouri Governor Mike Parson and his efforts to build relationships from the start.

Hear Marc and Rep. Wagner's interview below: