LISTEN: McSweeney says Shimkus pulling support for President Trump is an absolute disgrace

The Marc Cox Morning Show
October 11, 2019 - 9:47 am

Illinois state Representative Dave McSweeney (R-Dist. 52) joins the show to discuss Congressman John Shimkus (R- Dist. 15) pulling support from President Trump over the President’s decision to remove troops from northern Syria.

Calling it a, “temper tantrum,” McSweeney says that Rep. Shimkus is now siding with AOC and the other socialists in D.C. McSweeney says it’s okay to disagree with President Trump on issues, however, pulling support is inexcusable. The presidential election in 2020 will come down to President Trump and (in McSweeney’s opinion) Senator Elizabeth Warren.

“Shimkus is now siding with AOC and other socialists in Washington, D.C.” he says.

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