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Democrats Supporting Abortions are Science Deniers

Former MO House Speaker Tim Jones

The Marc Cox Morning Show
January 31, 2019 - 8:23 am

Between New Yorkers cheering the ability to abort babies at full term, to a Virginia representative introducing legislation that would allow babies to be killed seconds before birth, society has reached a new low.

Jones points out that the same people saving caterpillars and hugging trees are the biggest science deniers of them all in denying a living, breathing human the right to life.

Jones and Marc also discuss the possibility of a merger. They admittedly don’t agree on this issue. Jones says putting aside the specifics of the Better Together plan, he believes change is necessary.

“The way that the St. Louis region has evolved over the last 160 years is no way to run a good regional government in an area of our size,” says Jones.


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