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The left is pitting women against men

Genevieve Wood of the Heritage Foundation

The Marc Cox Morning Show
October 03, 2018 - 8:06 am

Genevieve Wood joins the MCMS to discuss the tactic by the left of pity women against men at all costs.

When crying racism doesn’t work, cry sexism and see if it sticks.

It’s getting out of hand.

PROFESSOR Christine Ford, for example, isn’t doing anyone or any cause any good:

 Anti-Trump Georgetown professor goes on profane tirade against Kavanaugh, GOP via Fox News

Or this one also via Fox News Georgetown professor says white GOP senators ‘deserve miserable deaths’ after Kavanaugh hearing

Thankfully, her account was suspended but honestly, this woman is teaching the future leaders of our nation.

Wood and Marc also discuss President Trump’s comments about Christine Blasey Ford and more.

Listen below: